Restylane Recover Cream – 15ml


Restylane® Recover Cream is a calming and soothing formulation for treating skin after aesthetic skin treatments.

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What is Restylane Recover Cream used for?

Restylane® Recover Cream is an after treatment cream used to soothe and repair skin after it has undergone aesthetic treatments. This product is safely biocompatible with skin due to its DMS lipid component, which speeds up the skin reformation. Arnica, also present in the cream reverses any bruises and swelling. Rice bran extracts create an anti-oxidative barrier on the upper skin dermis layer. Applying this cream creates a sense of wellbeing for the patient after their treatment.

What ingredients are in Restylane Recover Cream?

Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid, DMS, Arnica and Ceramide 3.

What is best method of applying Restylane Cream?

Using washed hands, gently apply Restylane Cream to the desired skin surface that has undergone treatment, every day for up to 14 days.

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