Restylane Facial Cleanser – 100ml


Restylane® Facial Cleanser has been enriched with organic oils and ceramides to make your skin soft and supple.

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Why use Restylane Facial Cleanser?

Harsh chemicals can strip skin of nutrients and fats that are important in maintaining hydration. Restylane Facial Cleanser contains a mild formula which is more effective than using solely water. It contains natural organic oils and fats that’s will keep skin plump, fresh and smooth, without harming the skins natural layers that act as defences to fight off everyday environmental factors.

What ingredients are found in Restylane Facial Cleanser?

Protective formula with organic oils and ceramide 3. pH-neutral.

How should Restylane Facial Cleanser be applied?

Skin should be cleansed before application. Only a small amount is required. Place a small amount on the palm of your hands before applying a small amount of water, before forming into s rich lather foam. Apply all over the face and neck before rinsing off with cold water. Use it to remove make up and everyday dirt.

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