Glabellar wrinkles, forehead lines, crow’s feet… Neuramis with Lidocaine is a superb dermal filler that can easily correct the appearance of superficial and medium wrinkles and lines on any zone of the face. Designed and produced y Medytox, this high-class anti-aging product can also provide balanced lip enhancement results. The best place to get it? Medisilk’s online store, of course!

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For the improvement of deep and average wrinkles, volume increase and rejuvenation. The Neuramis range has been created by Medytox, a laboratory that has developed botulinum toxin type A, Neuronox, based on the SHAPE corporate technology. Being a unique manufacturing process, with 2 stages of crosslinking and an improved purification process make this a unique product.

The SHAPE technology guarantees greater safety and a longer duration in the use of NEURAMIS

Neuramis with Lidocaine’s impressive moisturizing and volumizing properties
The two main properties of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid fillers are to: 1) successfully restore and maintain that hydro balance of the skin by providing it with deep and long-lasting moisturization; 2) painlessly remove wrinkles by adding volume under the aging skin. As a premium-range HA filler injection, Neuramis withLidocaine does both of these things but it does them better than its competition. That is partly due to its two-step cross-linked HA structure which guarantees effects that are twice more durable than the usual. The remarkably even distribution of this high-class implant gel, on the other hand, ensures that the anti-aging treatment will offer natural-looking results.

Injection depth: medium layer of the dermis
Indications: removing fine and medium facial wrinkles, lip augmentation
Concentration of HA: 20mg/mL
Treatment schedule: one injection session every 3-4 weeks (2-3 sessions per treatment)
What is S.H.A.P.E. Technology?
S.H.A.P.E. Technology stands for Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid & Purification Enhancement and it is a trademark production method developed by Medytox. Neuramis is one of the innovative soft-tissue fillers of the Korean company to rely on it for its unmatched purity, safety, and effects longevity. Thanks to this technology, the product has undergone a double cross-linking process which has made it more resilient to biodegradation. It has also been meticulously purified to ensure that patients will enjoy risk-free skin rejuvenation results that are free of downtime, pain and side effects.

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