A drug that affects adipose tissue at the genetic level. It controls the formation and activates the resorption of adipose tissue. Restores the contours of the face and neck.

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MESOSCULPT – Face Architect

Injectable preparation  MESOSCULPT C71  volume 1 ml.

Perfect contours of the face and neck!

A drug that affects adipose tissue at the genetic level. It controls the formation and activates the resorption of adipose tissue. Restores the contours of the face and neck.

An innovative development in the field of anti-age cell therapy from the ABG LAB laboratory (USA)

How to restore the youthful contours of the face and neck?

Under the influence of the force of gravity, as well as due to the influence of external factors on the internal processes of the body, the shapes and volumes of the face change.

To restore the youthful contours and oval of the face without surgery, without damaging blood vessels, nerves and muscles, scientists from the American ABG Laboratory have invented a revolutionary drug.

MESOSCULPT C71  (Mesoscalpt)  is a new generation injectable medical device (lipomodifier), capable of competently controlling adipose tissue located in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The action takes place due to the modification (regulation and control) of all the main processes of life of adipose tissue: the appearance of new adipose cells and their increase in size are blocked, and the processes of effective reduction of adipose tissue in size without destruction are activated!

What type of aging is best suited for?

Due to the structural features and volumetric aging associated with the movement and increase in the volume of superficial fat packets, it is most suitable for deformation-edematous and tired types of aging.

7 reasons to buy  MESOSCULPT C71 :

First reason:  The only drug on the market that effectively and safely regulates all processes occurring in adipose tissue, effectively leading to a long-term reduction in its  volume

The second reason: The  unique composition of LipoBlock XP2 – does not destroy the fat cell, unlike the known lipolytics

The third reason:  The result – the improvement of the contours and oval of the face – is noticeable after the first application

Fourth reason:  There is no rehabilitation period

Fifth reason:  Doesn’t require constant injections

Sixth Reason: A  patented drug that has undergone numerous clinical studies

Seventh reason:  There are no analogues on the market

The main active ingredient of  Mesoscalpt  is LipoBlock XP2 – a unique patented complex consisting of specially selected cosmetic ingredients in balanced proportions. Once in adipose tissue, LipoBlock XP2 reduces the size of each fat cell without destroying or destroying it, unlike other substances called lipolytics, which is safe and has a prolonged effect. In addition, the Mesoscalpt lipoblock prevents the formation of new fat cells and their increase in volume. This action does not exist in any other drug for reducing the volume of adipose tissue.

The second active ingredient, the Hexapeptide 17 peptide, ensures the removal of excess fluid from adipose tissue, which further reduces its volume and size.

The effect of  MESOSCULPT C71  can be compared to the natural reduction of adipose tissue during active physical activity, which is absolutely safe for the health and further vital functions of cells.

Not addictive!

Create sculptural features!

Previously, only a plastic surgeon could change the shape and volume of the face. With  Mesoscalpt,  this became possible without surgery. The drug was developed and created by Dr.  Elina Tester  (President and CEO of ABG LAB) in collaboration with  Michael Caine  (Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine, plastic surgeon, has been practicing in New York for over 15 years).

The creation of the drug became possible thanks to the base of accumulated knowledge about the molecular genetic mechanisms of regulation of the vital activity of the fat cell and intercellular interactions.

The first results of the drug can be seen  after the first procedure !  The necessary and complete effect will be achieved after a course of procedures prescribed by a cosmetologist.

Try  MESOSCULPT C71  and you will see the results you will be delighted with!

Designed for professional use by trained physicians!

Emet ™ exclusively represents  MESOSCULPT C71 in Ukraine and CIS countries. 

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