Filorga Pigment Perfect – 30ml


A concentrated formula to eradicate dark spots on the skin

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Pigment Perfect is a high concentration serum to erase dark spots on the skin. Oxidative stress is prevented by Pigment Perfect. Vitamin C also helps even out the overall skin appearance and produce a brighter skin complexion. Skin looks flawless again. Plant extracts also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties to aid the skins natural protection defences.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 30 ml Pigment Perfect cream

What are the Benefits of Pigment Perfect?

Pigment Perfect is recommended for:

All skin types
Treating dark spots and pigment irregularities on the skin
Creating brighter skin complexion
Patients seeking an alternative to laser treatment to remove dark spots
When should Pigment Perfect be applied?

Use daily for the active ingredients within the hop plant extract, to work on regulating melanin in the skin.

Pigment Perfect is a safe alternative treatment to laser treatments and anti-spot peels.

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