Buy Uma Jeunesse Classic (1x2ml)


For facial augmentation, body contouring, anatomic defects

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Buy Uma Jeunesse Classic (1x2ml)

Perfect for medium to deep facial lines, cheek, lip and nose augmentation, hand rejuvenation and other aesthetic treatments such as body contouring and correction of anatomic defects.

Developed and manufactured in Britain by Cambridge Medical Aesthetics/Cambridge Biotech, the Uma Jeunesse® range of dermal fillers is suitable for all skin types. These highly versatile dermal fillers smooth away facial lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin and provide excellent results for lip augmentation and sculpting treatments.

Certified by European authorities to be safe, effective and conforming to the requirements for injectable medical devices, Uma Jeunesse® has been proved to last longer and have a lower occurrence of side effects after injection than a competitor’s product in a recent comparative study. Cambridge Medical Aesthetics/Cambridge Biotech is dedicated to continuous improvement and research into new products for medical application. Visit our News section for updates.

Whats in the box?

1ml prefilled sterile syringe.
What are the benefits?

Fine wrinkles
Medium wrinkles
Deep wrinkles
Volume augmentation
Hand rejuvenation
Nose augmentation and sculpting.
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