Buy Nano Meso Solution Daeses 40000569


Treats flaccid or aged skin

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Buy Nano Meso Solution Daeses 40000569

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) increases acetylcholine synthesis, stimulating the contraction epidermal keratinocytes (immediate lifting effect) and muscle activity (long-lasting lifting effect). Regenerates the dermal matrix favoring collagen neoformation and inhibiting protein cross-linking.

What can Nano Meso Solution Daeses be used for?

Treating flaccid or aged skin
Benefits of Nano Meso Solution Daeses?

Increases acetylcholine synthesis
Stimulates epidermal keratinocytes contraction (skin lifting effect)
Stimulates muscle activity for a long lasting lifting effect
Regeneration of dermal skin matrix to help new collagen formation
Inhibits protein cross-linking
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